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High Profit on Investing in Rent-To-Own Real Estate

Investing in our Rent-To-Own Program you can enjoy higher-than-market monthly income as well as short-term appreciation by investing in income producing real estate properties. Due to financial hardship, foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, etc, there are people having less-than-perfect credit rating and needing time to repair their credit. Many of those people make enough money to pay for the monthly cost of owning a home but at the present time they don’t qualify to obtain a mortgage loan due to their poor credit rating. With our Rent-to-Own program you will have the opportunity to earn higher return on your investing while helping people which are really motivated on reaching their dream of home ownership.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in our Rent-to-Own program:

  • QUALIFIED TENANTS/BUYERS: We will provide the Investors with pre-qualified and screened Tenants/Buyers having a minimum of 3% to 5% Initial Deposit (Option Fee) as the consideration required in the Option to Purchase the home they will live in. We will find the Tenants/Buyers before the Investor purchase the property.

  • POSITIVE MONTHLY CASH FLOW: Tenants/Buyers pay to the Investor the Market Rental plus a Monthly Extra Rental amount [approx. 10% to 20% on top of the market rent] each month. Therefore, the Investor's property will always have a Positive Monthly Cash Flow. The Investor will earn income right after owning the property.

  • NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS: The Option Fee plus the Monthly Extra Rental amount will be accumulated and be applied toward the down payment Tenants/Buyers need to purchase the home. The Option Fee plus the Monthly Extra Rental amount are not refundable and the Tenants/Buyers will lose them in case they don’t exercise the Option to Purchase the home at the end of the Option Term.

  • NO MAINTENANCE EXPENSES: Tenants/Buyers cover the costs on all repairs and maintenance. That means no typical landlord duties, and no need to hire expensive property managers. In case the Investor needs property management service we will be able to provide it at a very reasonable price.

  • SECURED BY LEGALLY-BINDING CONTRACTS: Our Rent-to-Own program protects the rights of everyone involved through the use of a detailed Tenant-Landlord Lease Agreement and an Option to Purchase Contract prepared by an Attorney at Law licensed to practice in the State where the property is located. The Investors can use their own attorney.

  • HIGH RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Tenants/Buyers will be purchasing the home outright at the end of the rental term (typically 2 to 3 years), at a pre-determined price guaranteed by an initial Option Fee at the signing of the Option to Purchase Contract. Therefore, we may provide the Investors a Pro Forma showing their Return On Investment before they invest in a Rent-to-Own property. This allows the Investor to evaluate the true value of each deal and focus only on the financial return. The projected return on investment might be 10% to 20% per year.

  • EXTRA PROTECTION: In case Tenants/Buyers default on the Lease/Option Agreement and if it is necessary to evict the Tenants/Buyers, the Investor might use the Option Fee plus Extra Rent money to pay for the required legal services and costs.

  • WIN-WIN DEAL: Tenants/Buyers get to own their dream home, receive help with their credit issues and with the saving of their down payment; and the Investors/Owners enjoy above-market rent (positive cash flow) and a built-in exit plan.

  • GRATIFYING: Investors, besides making money, will be proud of helping another family get on the path to home ownership with their investment.

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